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Palace Pilates

Palace Pilates

The Palace Pilates website was redesigned as it had become dated and needed a higher level of functionality for a better user experience. Prior to the rebuild, people visiting the site mentioned that they had a hard time understanding the class options and their available dates as each class option was within a designated course timeslot. To work out a class that was relevant and that they desired, the user would have to navigate through serval pages with a lot of questions going unanswered. Further, the sign-up option was a .pdf file in which they had to download, print, fill out, scan and email back. There was no doubt that this process would be deterring potential clients and thus, losing sales.

After I provided Palace Pilates with a free website audit which explored these concerns and others, I began the process of providing the following deliverables:

  • A detailed and clear timetable – clicking through to individual class details
  • A new ‘Mood Board’ to establish site look while still celebrating the brand identity
  • A sitemap of website restructure
  • An online 30+ Question Sign-Up Form
  • 3 new Contact Forms separating Classes, Workshop and Retreat enquiries
  • Image enhancements & configurations
  • Website graphics
  • Website restructuring of all pages
  • x2 new website pages
  • Post Website Training & Training Manual

The client, Suzanne, put emphasis on keeping the appearance similar referring to the colours, images and site ‘feel’, while making the design more timeless and accommodating.

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Palace Pilates


Website Redesign & Logo Design


October 30, 2018


Leisure, Logo Design, Mind & Body, Redesign