Website Design & Development Case Study

One Life Adventures


One Life Adventures was a single tour company which expanded very quickly into operating over six tours (and counting). Their original website was designed in a way that made expansion extremely difficult to manage and it appeared messy with important information hard to find. For this reason, and from my recommendation after a site audit, a new website was built from scratch. This website has the capacity and flexibility to grow easily as the business does.

When taking on this project, it was requested that the client’s marketing manager had a role in the design of the site, so we collaborated to establish its foundation styles and page mockups. After this stage, I independantly took on the construction of the project and all additional design requirements.

I am the ongoing website manager for One Life Adventures and the site continues to evolve on a regular basis in reflection of this dynamic company.

I provided the following original deliverables: 

  • A sitemap to establish new site structure for a high quality user experience (UX)
  • Collaboration on the website’s core page designs including wireframe & mockup feedback
  • Website page design on all additional pages
  • Collaboration on stock image sourcing and application
  • Website graphics
  • Integration of website with online live availability booking platform
  • Live integration of Instagram image feed and tour reviews
  • Integration of a live chat box
  • Contact Forms for further enquiries and job applications
  • Blog page and newsletter subscription integration
  • Website build to compliment a high level of site security, functionality and search engine optimisation
  • Ongoing website management and development

Style Guide

The style guide for One Life Adventures was established with the brand’s identity prior to my work. With my input, the official font was changed to ‘Pastel’ and an additional accent colour was added for the website.


User Navigation (Sitemap)

This map is an overview structure of the website layout. It helps to establish the vital sections of a site and their placement so that the process of navigating through the website by a user feels natural and pleasing. Though this looks quite compilcated, this map helps to anticipate what simple steps a person will need to take in order to achieve their purpose for visiting the website. Also, this foundation structuring assures that future expansions made to the website (such as adding a new tour) will be seemless.

User Interaction (UI)

The One Life Adventures website needed to have a lot of details on each tour page so that users could easily make an informed decision on what they were buying. To reduce the scale of each page becoming way too big and overwhelming with written content, interactive boxes were applied. Below are some examples including tabs with scroll bars, invisible expanding rows, top & bottom screen permanent elements, and 3D effect carousels.

    Design & Development

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