Website Design & Development Case Study

Palace Pilates, London


The Palace Pilates website was redesigned as it had become dated and needed a higher level of functionality for a better user experience. Prior to the rebuild, people visiting the site mentioned that they had a hard time understanding the class options and their available dates as each class option was within a designated course timeslot. To work out a class that was relevant and that they desired, the user would have to navigate through several pages with a lot of questions going unanswered. Further, the sign-up option was a .pdf file in which users had to download, print, fill out, scan and email back. There was no doubt that this process would be deterring potential clients and thus, losing sales.

After providing Palace Pilates with a free website audit exploring these concerns and others, I began the process of providing the following deliverable:

  • A revised style & imagery proposal (a ‘Mood Board’) to elevate the site aesthetic while still celebrating the brand identity
  • A new logo design
  • Website graphics and image enhancements
  • A detailed and clear timetable – click through to each class details
  • An online 30+ Question Sign-Up Form
  • Contact Forms separating Classes, Workshop and Retreat enquiries
  • A sitemap of the website restructuring
  • Page section restructuring to simplify processes and improve the overall user experience
  • Website build to compliment a high level of site security, functionality and search engine optimisation
  • Website maintenance training and a custom website manual

    The owner of Palace Pilates put emphasis on keeping the appearance similar including colours, images and site ‘feel’, while making the design more timeless and accommodating.

    Logo Design

    On request from the business owner, this logo was created with an abstract symbol to represent the strong, yet smooth and fluid movements of pilates. It has been inspired from the ‘Tree Pose’, which you will see if you look carefully. 

    Style & Imagery 

    The colour palette was selected to reflect the original website’s scheme while improving coherency.  The new website would retain mostly gray shades in imagery, however, I wanted to lift their aesthetic appeal by adding a flair of colour to each pilates mat (as seen below).

    The colour scheme is reflected in the header text and website buttons, which draw the eye to the most important details on each page.



    Poppins Semibold 32pt

    Poppins Regular 24pt

    Poppins Regular 16pt

    Open Sans Regular 14pt

    Here is an text example of the Palace Pilates website body font which is used in the design. This is the Open Sans Regular font which is useful for its legibility and professional appearance. This website design uses the Open Sans font throughout for consistency.

    UI Blocks

    The most important enhancement the site required was for it to become more interactive for the users. With this in mind, an online sign up form and an interactive class timetable were introduced. These components alone simplify processes for both the business owner and customer.

    HomePage Redesign

    Before and After…


    Timetable & prices page Redesign

    Before and After…


    Timetable & prices page Redesign

    Before and After…


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