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Snapshot Camera Hire, Cairns

This business is unfortunately no longer in operation.

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Snapshot Camera Hire were wanting a new site for increased functionality, adaptability and to have a more streamline and relevant online booking process to improve their business systems. They wanted a mobile-first website design with a modern use of technology to get their business ahead.

The look and feel of their new website needed to be more informative and professional with an emphasis on the Great Barrier Reef for their underwater cameras. This was a completely new build which integrated a booking platform, an online waiver form and social media platforms.

After discussions with the owners of Snapshot Camera Hire to establish these requirements, I began the process of providing the following deliverable: 

  • A revised style & imagery proposal (a ‘Mood Board’) to elevate the site aesthetic while still celebrating the brand identity
  • A responsive website design including a sitemap, wireframes and page mockups for review
  • Stock image sourcing and application
  • Website graphics
  • Integration of website with online live availability booking platform
  • Integration with an online waiver form software to allow customers to sign during booking process
  • Live integration of Instagram images and Facebook review feeds
  • Integration of a live chat box
  • Contact Form for further enquiries
  • Website build to compliment a high level of site security, functionality and search engine optimisation
  • Website maintenance training and a custom website manual

    Style & Imagery 

    The original website only had two colours, being the light blue and the dark orange shades seen below. I added the dark blue so that the two blue shades could give a great sense of water. I added the lighter orange shade to highlight selected subtitles while the dark orange was being used in the main headings.

    Imagery was at the forefront of consideration for this website as, being a camera hire business, people exploring the website would get inspired by potential photos that they could take when out on the Great Barrier Reef.  An underwater image is celebrated at the top of each page.



    Oxygen Semibold 50pt

    Oxygen Bold 24pt

    Raleway Regular 20pt

    Raleway Regular 15pt

    This is an example of the website’s font used in the design. This is the Raleway Regular font which is popular for its legibility and clean look. For this reason it is used on the content for many website design and builds.


    This map is an overview structure of the website layout. It helps to establish the vital sections of a site and their placement so that the process of navigating through the website by a user feels natural and pleasing. 


    The most important objective of the website was for it to have the most streamline systems integrated. This translates to a customer being able to easily book an available camera instantly and then receive it at the desk of their hotel without the need of seeing anyone from Snapshot Camera Hire. The following integrations were applied in order for this to be possible:

    1. Live availability booking platform – /
    2. Online waiver form with live signature –
    3. Online camera tutorial video with confirmation of its viewing – +

    As the main demographic of this business is adventure travellers and young families, using integrations with social media platforms was a must to communicate with their audience. For this reason, the following social media feeds and links were applied:

    • Instagram live image feed
    • Google reviews live feed
    • Facebook messenger live chat assistance
    • Facebook, Instagram & Twitter redirect links

    HomePage Design



    HomePage Design



    HomePage Design



    HomePage Design



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